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What we do

The Bayside Film Festival is an annual event held in the City of Bayside that screens local, regional and international films made by upcoming and established filmmakers. Our goal is to help filmmakers further their passion and career, by providing a platform for them to display their hard work to local and abroad audiences.

Who we are

Bayside Film Festival is staffed purely by youth, volunteers and industry professionals. Made up almost entirely of first year uni students with a passion for media, our team is determined to make the Bayside Film Festival an internationally acclaimed event that everyone can submit their films to, attend and enjoy.


The Bayside Film Festival was a well renowned event in our local community, and was once a major film festival in Melbourne. 2015 marked the last year of the festival after successfully screening films for over 12 years. Today, the Bayside Film Festival Inc. is looking to restore the Bayside Film Festival to its once proud stature as a enjoyable event for all audiences. Through our new annual festival we are hoping to bring in a much larger audience from all backgrounds and demographics. We are aiming to make every event better than the last.